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Located in Walliston, we are Perth’s leading company for ready mix concrete delivery.

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Premium decorative concrete delivery Perth

When it comes to concrete delivery in Perth, Limecrete are the folks to turn to. Limecrete are the leading experts in batching decorative concrete and concrete delivery for residential homes. We aim to consistently provide you with a seamless experience when managing your order. By taking on a pre-planning approach, we always plan for any potential hindrances in advance, allowing us to provide you a transparent timeline.

Our Concrete Delivery Process

We are a Perth choice amongst ready-mix concrete delivery companies. As your specialists in decorative concrete supply and concrete delivery in Perth, our team have a unique process to create your perfect mix and deliver it on time. We have our own independent batching plants, specialised in creating your concrete mix faster and with precision.

Once we have batched your ready-mix concrete, we transport it to your site location through our specialised trucks. Our trucks are integrated with advanced monitoring technology to allow our drivers to monitor your ready-mix concrete during delivery. This provides you a consistent quality mix that is ready to be poured upon delivery.

Commercial Concrete Supply

Delivery Areas

As a Perth concrete delivery service, we can deliver our ready-mix concrete to the Perth metropolitan area. Furthermore, we deliver as far north as Two Rocks and Lower Chittering, as far east as Chidlow and as far south as Halls Head. We service all areas in between.

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Our Decorative Concrete Mixes

As a pre-mixed concrete delivery service in Perth, our expertise enables us to provide decorative concrete products locally. We carry a wide range of decorative concrete mix options that are unmatched in quality. All our products are delivered as ready-mix concrete. This means you can pour the concrete mix as soon as it is delivered. This saves you time, money, and resources in completing your project.


Quarry Fine Blend
A timeless classic that is contemporary, stylish, and resilient. Our exposed aggregate is a favoured decorative ready-mix concrete finish, as it is adaptive in its performance.



Honed concrete is sophisticated, refined, and elegant in its appeal. Honed concrete is a popular choice for many homeowners and builders that want a smooth finish to their project. 

Polished Concrete

Architectural Grey Polished
A popular choice for ready-mix concrete. This option is ideal for alfresco and patio spaces. Limecrete’s polished ready-mix concrete brings class, elegance and a beautiful shine when polished into any residential space.

Liquid Limestone

Limestone Driveway

A practical alternative to the standard decorative ready-mix concrete. Our liquid limestone ready mixes are aesthetically captivating, with a natural look and self-cooling surface. 

Coloured Concrete

Coloured Concrete
Everything looks better with a bit of colour. Remove the mundane look of grey concrete as we provide a variety of exquisite concrete colours. Add some spark into your project and make it distinctive from others.

Concrete Supply and Concrete Delivery Perth

Our location in Walliston enables us to offer our Perth concrete delivery service for residential projects and some commercial projects that need decorative concrete. We are fortunate to have served an array of residential and commercial client’s overtime.

The residential projects we provide concrete delivery to include:

The commercial projects we provide concrete delivery to include:

Wet Concrete Construction

Our Swatches

Limecrete is Perth’s premier concrete supplier specialising in the creation of Decorative Concrete.

Our Capabilities

Independant Batch Plant

Our small batch plant uses the Australian designed AxiBatch computerised batching system. This enables us to create concrete batches faster and more accurately than traditional batching methods. Integrating easily with our 100t split cement silo, Limecrete can provide highly robust products with a wide customisable range.

Tailored Mixes to Suit Customer Needs

Our computerised AxiBatch system offers endless choices for the design and creation of your custom concrete mix. We can tailor a custom mix to your clients’ personal specifications to suit almost any application. Your clients won’t be disappointed with the quality and variety of our custom mixes.

Consistent Quality

Being computer controlled, the AxiBatch system removes the human element from the batching process. This means our mixes have the same quality and consistency every day. The chiller maintains the temperature in the concrete so the mix will be the same temperature on a 40-degree day as on a 20-degree day. With Limecrete, you get unrivalled consistency in every mix.

SensoCreteTM Concrete Optimiser Technology

SensoCreteTM is a highly accurate and sensitive measuring device located inside a concrete bowl that records temperature, slump, volume and mixing efficiency. Limecrete is one of the few concrete manufacturing plants in Australia to use this exclusive Canadian technology in our agitator trucks. It allows us to closely monitor the performance of concrete from batch plant to site, resulting in a more consistent, higher quality concrete product that is ready for use on delivery.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

Every team member at Limecrete is a trained expert in delivering professional advice and service to help you complete your project on time and to your customers’ satisfaction. Our vision of consistency and value in everything we do means you will always receive 100% quality from us every time.

One of a Kind Mixes (Partnered with Suppliers of High-Quality Rare Aggregates)

At Limecrete we accept nothing but the best. We have strategic partnerships with a network of suppliers who source only the finest components for our decorative concrete mixes. This gives us the ability to create exceptional, high quality custom mixes that are distinctive and truly unique.

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Why Choose Limecrete

Trusted and Locally Owned Family Business

Established here in Perth, we are 100% locally owned business that support our local tradesman by supplying them with our superior decorative concrete mixes. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of Perth allow us to provide expert advice on choosing your decorative concrete mix.

Decorative Concrete Experts

Every team member here at Limecrete are certified experts in delivering professional advice and customer service to help you complete your project in a timely and satisfied manner.

Our years of experience makes us highly knowledgeable in decorative concrete. Allowing us to provide flexible tailored recommendations on your decorative concrete mix. 

Together with our technology and expertise, we have mastered the art of creating the perfect decorative concrete mix. So, it’s no surprise that we can give you an exceptional, enduring decorative concrete that is flawless in its appeal.

Comprehensive Customer Service

We’re committed in giving all our customers and clients our 100% effort, so you get an unbeatable customer service that can’t be found anywhere else. Our team are experienced in offering specialised advice on any decorative concrete enquires to help you make a confident decision.

Our process and management of your decorative concrete mix allows it to perform and look with absolute consistency.

And if you have any further questions about your decorative concrete mix, we make ourselves available after-hours for you to contact.

Specialised Batching Technology

We use a unique batching system and measurement technology to create consistent, high quality mixes that performs flawlessly. So, you know you will always get a quality product that is reliable and strong in its design.

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