Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete Products made for your Pool, Driveway, Alfresco and Internal Polished Floors.

Limecrete Concrete Mixes

Limecrete is Perth’s only concrete supplier that specialises in creating decorative concrete products within our own facilities.

Our wealth of experience and resources enables us to provide you with a huge range of decorative products with unparalleled consistency.

Our Decorative Ready Mix Concrete Creates

Exposed Concrete

An timeless classic that is stylish and resilient. Our exposed aggregate is a favored decorative concrete finish that is adaptive in its performance.

Customisable options of its stones and colours make this decorative concrete versatile in its appeal that keeps any home looking and feeling unique.

Honed Concrete

Honed concrete, also known as honed aggregate is sophisticated and elegant in its appeal. Honed concrete is a popular choice for many homeowners and builders that want a smooth, refined finish to their project. It is limitless in its design options allow it to achieve a unique, luxurious appeal at an affordable cost.

Polished Concrete

The shining star in the decorative concrete category, Limecrete’s polished concrete stands out for its ‘mirror-like’ shine and elegant look that brings class and a refined charm into any home.

It is a stunning internal addition to any residential or commercial space that will continuously impress.

Liquid Limestone

The new practical alternative to standard decorative mixes, our liquid limestone mixes are captivating with its natural look and self-cooling surface that makes it a rising favourite for many here in Perth.

It can easily fit into any outdoor patio or pool setting making it a cost-effective investment that adds value to your project.   

Grey & Coloured Concrete

Removing the dullness and mundane look of grey concrete, we provide a variety of exquisite colours and shading that spark life into your project to makes it distinctive from others.

While we offer a limitless range of coloured concrete options, we also supply the standard grey that is suitable for any project’s space.

Our Swatches

Decorative concrete products have become a highly popular choice among new homeowners and renovators’ due to many benefits that increases the overall value and appeal of any home.

Advantages of Decorative Concrete Products

Decorative concrete has become a highly popular choice among new homeowners and renovators’ due to many benefits that increases the overall value and appeal of any home.

Some of these advantages include:



Our decorative concrete benefits buyers looking for a affordable solution that eases financial and timely burdens while delivering durability, style & longevity in its application.

Flexible & Adaptable


From the range of decorative concrete options, they can be further customised through the types of stones, colour and design. This ability to be flexible means that it can truly capture and compliment any space’s visual aesthetic.

Low Maintenance


Sealed with a range of acrylics and epoxy coatings, decorative concrete is resistant to scratches, stains moisture and dirt. Making it easy to clean through occasional washes to keep it looking fresh and pristine. ​

Lifetime Performance


Made to be naturally durable and resilient to deterioration, further tempering with coatings increases its performance to have more practical functions that last.​

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Why Choose Limecrete

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One of a kind Mixes

Limecrete always ensures that we choose nothing but the best. Our sourcing of high-quality components to make exceptional concrete products comes from our strategic partnerships that ensures you always get a decorative concrete mix unique to you.


Knowledgeable & experienced team

Every team member here at Limecrete are trained experts in delivering professional advice and service to help you complete your project in a timely and satisfied manner. Our vision to provide consistency and value everything we do means that we are confident that you will always receive 100% effort from us.

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