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The Benefits of Installing Decorative Concrete in Your Home

Decorative concrete surfaces afford a range of benefits to homeowners that decide to install them throughout their property.

What Is Decorative Concrete?

Decorative concrete is a form of concrete that is thought to be more visually appealing than the widely used, standard plain concrete finish. Decorative concrete can be installed in a range of eye-catching finishes with many different designs, styles and colours. Using decorative concrete is an effective way to increase the visual appeal of both interior and exterior spaces throughout your home.

Benefits of Decorative Concrete

A popular choice amongst homeowners, decorative concrete affords many benefits to those who install it. Below we have outlined some key advantages of installing decorative concrete at your property.

One-of-a-Kind Designs

The eye-catching appeal of decorative concrete finishes allows for endless, customised design possibilities. Turn your concrete applications into bespoke feature areas of your home, meaning your floors, walls, paths, driveways and other surfaces don’t even need to look like concrete. You can check out the different colour swatches we offer here.


Spaces of your home that are prone to heavy traffic such as paths and flooring can tend to become worn relatively quickly. A key benefit of installing decorative concrete across both internal and outdoor areas is the durability and damage resistance of the surface. Decorative concrete is highly resistant to scratching, scuffing or chipping and doesn’t buckle under heavy weights.

Low Maintenance

When making improvements to your home, it is beneficial to consider not only the visual appeal but also factors such as home care and maintenance. Decorative concrete, as a nonporous surface, is an ideal solution in this regard as it requires little maintenance.

  • Simply mop the concrete floor to remove dirt and dust build up.
  • Indoor floors should be waxed annually.
  • Exterior surfaces should be sealed every four to five years.


Considering the environment during the home renovation process has become more prevalent in a contemporary society of green home improvements. Decorative concrete is thought of as one of the most eco-friendly flooring solutions available. This is because existing concrete subfloors in a home can be used to create the flooring without the need to remove old materials that eventually end up in landfill. The cooling properties of decorative concrete floors also allow for less usage of air conditioning units, enhancing eco-friendliness and assisting in the reduction of a homeowner’s carbon footprint.


A key benefit of decorative concrete is its versatility, as it can be used throughout residential and commercial spaces seamlessly. Decorative concrete is highly versatile in terms of the places it can be installed in the home with popular applications being flooring, driveways, patios and outdoor areas, as well as swimming pool surrounds. Its versatility allows for a range of décor styling, from traditional to modern, which means you’ll be able to find a concrete solution perfectly suited to the aesthetic of your space.

Increases Property Value

Should you decide you wish to sell your home in the future, any good real estate agent will inform you about the importance of curb appeal. Prospective buyers often make value judgements as to whether the home is suitable for them within seconds of pulling up in front of a property. A study by the University of Western Australia in 2013 found that a single broad-leaved tree on the street verge increases the median property price by more than $16,500. If a tree can make such a difference, imagine the impact of a decorative concrete driveway.

Associated with curb appeal, but closer to your bottom line is the value of your home. While many factors are at play, a house with a decorative concrete driveway can be worth as much as 10% more on the open market. With a median home price ranging between $500,000 – $600,000 in Perth, a decoratively enhanced driveway could drastically increase the value of your home by as much as $60,000.

front of a house with decorative concrete driveway

Where Could I Install Decorative Concrete?

The versatility of decorative concrete affords homeowners great flexibility when deciding where to apply the finish in their home. The various types of decorative concrete allows for both internal and external usage around the home.


Decorative concrete flooring is a terrific way to add both style and personality to your home. In recent times, polished concrete floors have become one of the best options for both residential and commercial applications due to its versatility. The different types of decorative concrete can be used to create a wide variety of looks to suit any design aesthetic, from rustic to modern.


Decorative concrete driveways have become an extremely popular choice amongst homeowners. There are numerous styles and types of decorative concrete driveways to choose from that are sure to add extra visual appeal to your home.

Patios / Outdoor Areas

When it comes to decorative concrete, it’s all about the aesthetic appeal. Patios and outdoor areas that utilise these materials look expensive, elegant and clean. They aid in adding character to your outdoor spaces, lasting for years. These spaces are amazing for your own use, and they also act as a differentiator on the market if selling – decorative concrete will quickly pull most people to your property.

Swimming Pool Surrounds

As a key feature of your home, particularly during the summer months, it is important to consider the concrete material you will use for your pool deck area. Decorative concrete types such as honed and exposed aggregate, liquid limestone or coloured concrete all provide low maintenance, practical outdoor concrete surfaces with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Bench Tops

Concrete kitchen bench tops are a common feature in the modern homes of today. A space that was once dominated by natural stone and timber due to visual appeal, has now pivoted paving the way for decorative concrete to be considered an alternative.

Concrete benchtops are thought to have a modern and sleeker look than available alternatives. Concrete also makes the surfaces more durable and easy to maintain when compared to other materials. Generally, concrete counter tops are more resistant to heat and stains, meaning no more expensive stain removers needed for marble, stone and laminated surfaces.

a patio with decorative concrete flooring

How Can Limecrete Help Me?

Limecrete is Perth’s only concrete supplier that specialises in creating decorative concrete products in-house. By sourcing aggregates from the best Australian quarries and adopting innovative technologies, we create stylish, contemporary mixes that are perfectly suited to Perth homes. Our wealth of resources enables us to provide a large range of decorative products with unparalleled consistency. We have dedicated ourselves to producing the finest products for the Perth region, get in touch with our expert team to experience the Limecrete difference.