Exposed Aggregate driveway

Exposed Aggregate: Perth’s Most Popular Decorative Concrete

Thanks to eye catching visual appeal and hard wearing characteristics, exposed aggregate has become one of Perth’s most popular decorative concrete finishes. Exposed aggregate is a cost-effective option available to residential and commercial owners.

What Is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed concrete is widely used across both residential and commercial projects due to its functionality and decorative appeal. A type of washed concrete finish, exposed aggregate features visible aggregates such as quartz, granite and basalt. This finish could be applied to all concrete pours, through the process of removing the surface layer to expose the aggregates beneath. Due to the presence of aggregates, this finish has a coarseness which is not found in other decorative concrete applications. You will frequently find exposed aggregate across outdoor spaces – particularly in driveways and pool areas because of the natural skid resistance of this decorative application.

The Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

There are a range of benefits afforded to home and business owners when investing in a leading outdoor surfacing material like exposed aggregate concrete.


Durability is a key characteristic of exposed aggregate concrete, which is as tough as any other plain hard floor. Exposed aggregate applications can also endure the harshest of weather conditions with very little upkeep – this is why it is a popular choice for decorative driveways. The quality of the surface should be maintained for many years regardless of where it is installed throughout your home or business. By completing some simple maintenance tasks – which are outlined below – you can expect your surface to stand the tests of time.

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of exposed aggregate concrete installations is that they do not require comprehensive maintenance or upkeep. Due to the low maintenance properties of the decorative finish, many contractors regard exposed aggregate as a highly practical choice.

Exposed aggregate finishes only require a few simple maintenance tasks to maintain their visual appeal, thanks to the low maintenance qualities of the concrete.

  1. Regular sweeping to prevent accumulation of debris and minimise the risk of potential staining.
  2. Hose down/hi-pressure wash periodically to remove stubborn dirt and stains.
  3. Apply topical sealers every few years to enhance the durability of the surface, while maintaining visual appeal.


Exposed aggregate surfaces can be up to 10 times more slip resistant than alternative decorative concrete finishes. Not only do they look great, but they are built to perform over time as well. The aggregate content present in the concrete adds natural traction to the finish, making it a highly functional choice for driveways and pool areas. While you should always be careful, you will have more sure footing in all conditions.


Thanks largely to the durability of exposed aggregate concrete saving home and business owners from forking out on regular maintenance, it is a relatively cost-effective option. The installation process of exposed aggregate is also shorter and less labour intensive than other decorative finishes, contributing to the affordability of the surface for larger areas.

Visual Appeal

The most noticeable benefit of exposed aggregate is the visual appeal of the finish, mainly due to the aggregates themselves. By adding quartz, basalt, granite and pea gravel in various combinations, the finish becomes a design element or feature area of the home. Exposed aggregate finishes are generally fully customisable, with the option to choose the size of the aggregate, the colours of aggregate and colours of concrete mix. This is advantageous in giving those who install it a completely unique finish tailored to their preferences.

These finishes are also highly appealing to home buyers too, with exposed aggregate potentially increasing property value in the open market.

Where Can Exposed Aggregate Be Used?

As a highly versatile decorative concreting option, you can expect to find exposed aggregate utilised in a range of areas across both residential and commercial properties.


One of the primary locations for exposed aggregate installations is driveways due to its low maintenance, durability and enhanced curb appeal attributes. The aggregate content provides a textured surface to reduce slips and skids, heightening safety for both pedestrians and vehicles. With the capacity to withstand heavy traffic and stains, exposed aggregate concrete is a great choice for a long lasting, visually appealing driveway.

Pool Surrounds

With a climate that sees Perth get sunshine for the majority of the year, a pool area is one of the most used spaces in the home for those who have them. Exposed aggregate is one of the leading surface options for pool surrounds thanks to the textured surface, durability and low maintenance qualities of the finish. Slip resistance is paramount in pool areas as the surface is often wet and slipping and falling can cause injury. Topical sealers can be applied to exposed aggregate to ensure they withstand the effects of chlorine or salt pool water, maintaining their elegance and adding a touch of sophistication to any outdoor area.

External Flooring

Another key area where exposed aggregate is suited is external flooring, due to the durability, visual appeal and safety benefits. The textured surface increases underfoot traction, in turn increasing safety, which is particularly relevant in areas prone to moisture. The durability of the finish allows it to withstand even harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic over an extended timeframe. Finally, the versatility in design options and customisation allows those who install it to tailor a finish to suit their preferences or the overall design concept of their property – highlighting the suitability of exposed aggregate to patios, alfresco, steps, pathways and other external flooring spaces.

Why Choose Limecrete For Your Exposed Aggregate Supply?

As one of the leading suppliers of decorative concrete mixes in Western Australia, Limecrete is well equipped to provide a unique and quality exposed aggregate product. With access to an extensive range of high quality materials and aggregates, we can take your dream mix from concept to reality.

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