Coloured Concrete Supply

Limecrete is Perth’s premier concrete supplier specialising in the creation of Decorative Concrete.

Why choose Limecrete for your Coloured Concrete Mix?

Standard Grey is always going to be the practical option for flooring for residential and commercial properties. However, many residential and commercial properties are bucking the trend of going grey; instead selecting a Coloured Concrete to add style and accent their properties features.

Coloured Concrete is becoming a favoured choice for many renovations and new builds, due to it having the same benefits of standard concrete and offering a wide range of colours.

At Limecrete, we use Coloured Concrete Systems to create an extensive range of colours that are perfectly suited to any style of a residential or commercial floors. Through our batch mixing technology, we have the capability to customise a mix to your specifications. Giving you some of the most unique styles and colours available in Perth.

What makes our coloured concrete so popular?

Our Coloured Concrete mixes are designed to add vibrance and enhance your outdoor area with its unique colours and designs.
  • Endless Options for your Flooring: From simple shades to deeper blends, we can create neutral, light and darker colours that style and define outdoor or indoor projects.
  • Compatibility with other Concrete Finishes: We provide you the ability to include a colour mix option into our other concrete finishes to enhance the depth of its appeal. Whether it is for a Polished floor or Exposed Aggregate, choosing an additional colour brings timeless value and quality.
  • Full Depth Coverage: Instead of a tinted coloured sealant for your concrete mix. We integrate the chosen colour into the mix to ensure it is blended completely and evenly through.

Why choose Limecrete?

Combined with our expertise, knowledge and the latest technology, we have refined our capability in producing the highest of quality in decorative concrete.

Small Batch Plant

Our AxiBatch Plant is an Australian designed computerised batching system that enables us to create concrete batches faster and more accurately.  Integrating easily with the new 100T split cement silo, Limecrete will have the ability to provide highly robust products with a wider customisable range.

Sensocrete Technology

As the only concrete manufacturing plant in Australia to house this unique Canadian technology in our agitator trucks, we can monitor closely the performance of concrete from batch plant to site. Sensocrete is a highly accurate sensitivity measurement device that is located inside a concrete bowl that records the temperature, slump, volume and mixing efficiency. Enabling the driver to accurately mix concrete batches, resulting in a consistent, higher quality production of decorative concrete.

Concrete Mix Delivery

With our specialised trucks, we keep your decorative concrete mix at the right consistency, temperature and volume when we deliver from base to you. So, you get a perfectly manufactured decorative concrete mix that is ready to be used.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

Every team member here at Limecrete are trained experts in delivering professional advice and service to help you complete your project in a timely and satisfied manner. Our vision to provide consistency and value everything we do means that we are confident that you will always receive 100% effort from us.

One of a kind Mixes (partnered with suppliers of high-quality rare aggregates)

Limecrete always ensures that we choose nothing but the best. Our sourcing of high-quality components to make exceptional concrete products comes from our strategic partnerships that ensures you always get a decorative concrete mix unique to you.

Benefits of Coloured Concrete​

When you choose Coloured Concrete, you get more than a fresh new colour that transform the environment of your space. You also get a decorative finish that is practical in lowering costs and maintenance burdens over long period of time.
  • Tough & Enduring: Similar to other decorative concrete finishes, Coloured Concrete is made to l withstand heavy pressures from traffic. With the proper application and maintenance, you can be assured that your coloured concrete will last a lifetime.
  • The Colour Does Not Fade: Coloured Concrete mixes contain oxidized metal that is grounded and mixed onto the concrete mix that does not fade over time. Keeping your application looking flawless as it retains its colour through any condition.
  • Easy to Maintain: Coloured Concrete has a non-porous surface which keep dirt, water and stains from corrupting its look. Meaning that it stays on the surface allowing it to be easily cleaned through an occasional pressure wash or mopping.

Popular Areas for Application​

Bringing atmosphere and mood to any space, Coloured Concrete is vital in its delivery to complete a space’s appeal. It’s customisable colours and blends make it an ideal fit for any residential or commercial project either indoors or outdoors.

Adding coloured pathways in a residential or commercial setting can complement its surroundings or bring an entire new look. Creating a stunning aesthetic tone that is guaranteed to attract visitors and pedestrians.
Shopping Centres
Using Coloured Concrete can be the difference in standing out or being bland. The opportunity to create a unique design and style adds value and attraction in capturing and transporting customers to experience a visually compelling scene.
Transform your project from a standard grey finish to a unique stylish design that compliments it surroundings. This creates a consistent atmosphere of the property that will astonish, capture and impress guests every time.