Exposed Aggregate

Limecrete is Perth’s premier concrete supplier specialising in the creation of Decorative Concrete.

Why choose Limecrete for your Exposed Aggregate Mix?

When it comes to an outdoor area for any home or commercial space, why not have it looking stylish and attractive that is timeless in its look and performance? Versatile and enticing in its design, Exposed Aggregate is the decorative concrete finish you need for your outdoor project.

At Limecrete, we have access to an extensive range of quality materials that allow us to specialise in the creation of Exposed Aggregate. Through our advanced batch mixing technology, we are augmented with the capability to customise designs and styles suited to your preference. Giving you a unique finish that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Through our expertise and knowledge, we have developed a range of exclusive Exposed Aggregate mixes that reinforces the appeal of outdoor area.

What makes our Exposed Aggregate so popular?

Our Exposed Aggregate mixes are made using a variety of quality components to deliver a stunning and stylish result to your outdoor area.
  • Largest Range of Decorative Mixes in Perth: We have the largest and most extensive range of decorative concrete mix’s in Perth. So, its easy for you to find an ideal mix for your project.
  • Limitless Design Options for your Project: With our specialised batching technology, our capability in mixing and combining aggregates is endless. Giving you a unique decorative concrete finish that will stand out from the others.

Exposed Swatches

Why choose Limecrete?

Combined with our expertise, knowledge and the latest technology, we have refined our capability in producing the highest of quality in decorative concrete.

Small Batch Plant

Our AxiBatch Plant is an Australian designed computerised batching system that enables us to create concrete batches faster and more accurately.  Integrating easily with the new 100T split cement silo, Limecrete will have the ability to provide highly robust products with a wider customisable range.

Sensocrete Technology

As the only concrete manufacturing plant in Australia to house this unique Canadian technology in our agitator trucks, we can monitor closely the performance of concrete from batch plant to site. Sensocrete is a highly accurate sensitivity measurement device that is located inside a concrete bowl that records the temperature, slump, volume and mixing efficiency. Enabling the driver to accurately mix concrete batches, resulting in a consistent, higher quality production of decorative concrete.

Concrete Mix Delivery

With our specialised trucks, we keep your decorative concrete mix at the right consistency, temperature and volume when we deliver from base to you. So, you get a perfectly manufactured decorative concrete mix that is ready to be used.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

Every team member here at Limecrete are trained experts in delivering professional advice and service to help you complete your project in a timely and satisfied manner. Our vision to provide consistency and value everything we do means that we are confident that you will always receive 100% effort from us.

One of a kind Mixes (partnered with suppliers of high-quality rare aggregates)

Limecrete always ensures that we choose nothing but the best. Our sourcing of high-quality components to make exceptional concrete products comes from our strategic partnerships that ensures you always get a decorative concrete mix unique to you.

Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

When your client chooses Exposed Aggregate, they get more than a stylish floor. They get a practical, long-lasting decorative finish that is guaranteed to impress any visitor.
  • Heavy-Duty Resistance: Built to withstand the heaviest of pressures, Exposed Aggregate is impervious to traffic that eliminate potential damage to your space. Its unique texture creates a surface that is slip-resistant to make it safer to move in all kinds of weather conditions.
  • Brings Value to a Property: Being able to transform an outdoor area into a stunning piece of art doesn’t only impress people. It brings value. Exposed Aggregate works best in shaping your project to appear more desirable, making it a highly profitable investment option for many.
  • Easy Maintenance: Unlike pavers, Exposed Aggregate leaves no gaps. So, there no build-up of leaves weeds or sand! With an occasional pressure wash and clean, it can be left alone for an extended length of time without worry, making it a busy family’s best friend.

Popular Areas for Exposed Aggregate​

Unique in its ability to bring various patterns, designs and style to your space, Exposed Aggregate always delivers a finish that is never the same. It’s customisable textures and surface finish make it a perfect fit for your outdoor areas.

Bring a spectacular finish to your driveway that is guaranteed to continuously impress visitors. The practicality in its function and performance ensures ease of mind that is set to last a lifetime.
Pool Surrounds
Transforming and complimenting the ideal appeal of any pool surround, Exposed Aggregate adds style and beauty to make your pool surround stand out. Its natural surface makes it hard to slip on which increases the overall value and safety of a home.
Public Spaces
Exposed Aggregate’s natural durability and stylish finish make it an ideal cost-effective investment for commercial areas. Complementing a space that invites and impresses visitors whilst having the ability to perform endlessly with little maintenance.