Polished Concrete Perth

Limecrete is Perth’s premier concrete supplier specialising in the creation of Decorative Concrete.

Why Polished Concrete?

Polished Concrete is a type of mechanically polished concrete which is created through an extensive grinding and polishing process.

A Polished Concrete application needs to be ground at the right exposure to ensure any cracks, pin holes or joints are sealed. Allowing the concrete to condense itself is required for protection against cracks and for reducing maintenance. It is then polished until the concrete surface reaches the desired level of shininess.

Polished concrete is a hard wearing surface with stain resistance properties, making it an ideal choice for creating internal flooring applications with natural beauty.

The ‘shining star’ among all decorative concretes, Polished Concrete is known for its ‘mirror-like’ shine that brings luxury and elegance into a range of residential and commercial applications.

Polished Concrete is versatile in its design, creating limitless options for your application. It is the perfect solution to bring an exquisite appeal to your space that will continuously impress guests.

At Limecrete, our experienced team use our batch mixing technology and expertise to create high-quality concrete mixes that are reliable and durable. Your space will always look great and will be timeless in its performance with this excellent finish.

It’s no surprise that our Polished Concrete has been featured in some of the most luxurious, award-winning homes in Western Australia.

Benefits of Polished Concrete

As experts in creating decorative concrete mixes, and polished concrete specialists, our skills enable us to manufacture quality mixes to deliver consistent and attractive results for your home or commercial project.

Polished Concrete Swatches

Polished Concrete Applications

Internal Flooring
A popular option that many choose for their home. Polished Concrete floors bring style, class and sophistication to your home that will captivate visitors while allowing you to save on time and money maintaining it.
Outdoor Entertainment Areas
Bringing the elegance of indoor flooring outside, Polished Concrete, or honed concrete, in outdoors areas is great for creating entertaining atmospheres. With its resistance against weather elements, you can have a luxurious looking space that can be enjoyed any time of the year.
Warehouse Flooring
A polished concrete floor used in warehouses brings practicality to your business that reduces time and cost. A polished floor’s sturdiness makes it resistant to traffic and low maintenance allows you to save on costs in keeping your warehouse looking organised.
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Download Our Decorative Concrete Brochure

Limecrete decorative concrete brochure

Download Our Decorative Concrete Brochure

Explore more about how Limecrete make Perth’s best decorative concrete. Download our brochure today and you will learn:

  • Our largest range of decorative concrete mixes including our Platinum, Classic and Polished Range
  • Our selection of the most popular mixes
  •  Sample display shots of our decorative concrete mixes

Why Choose Limecrete

Trusted and Locally Owned Family Business

Established here in Perth, we are 100% locally owned business that support our local tradesman by supplying them with our superior decorative concrete mixes. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of Perth allow us to provide expert advice on choosing your decorative concrete mix.

Decorative Concrete Experts

Every team member here at Limecrete are certified experts in delivering professional advice and customer service to help you complete your project in a timely and satisfied manner.

Our years of experience makes us highly knowledgeable in decorative concrete. Allowing us to provide flexible tailored recommendations on your decorative concrete mix. 

Together with our technology and expertise, we have mastered the art of creating the perfect decorative concrete mix. So, it’s no surprise that we can give you an exceptional, enduring decorative concrete that is flawless in its appeal.

Comprehensive Customer Service

We’re committed in giving all our customers and clients our 100% effort, so you get an unbeatable customer service that can’t be found anywhere else. Our team are experienced in offering specialised advice on any decorative concrete enquires to help you make a confident decision. Our process and management of your decorative concrete mix allows it to perform and look with absolute consistency. If you have any further questions about your decorative concrete mix, we make ourselves available after-hours for you to contact.

Specialised Batching Technology

We use a unique batching system and measurement technology to create consistent, high quality mixes that performs flawlessly. So, you know you will always get a quality product that is reliable and strong in its design.

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