Exposed Aggregate Perth

Limecrete is Perth’s premier concrete supplier specialising in the creation of Decorative Concrete.

Why Exposed Aggregate?

Exposed Aggregate has been a popular decorative concrete feature for many homes and spaces since the 1950’s. It’s created through a mixture of various coloured small stones and cement that give it its unique textured finish with abundant colour variations.

An Exposed Aggregate finish follows a pouring and treatment process on the surface. The top layer of the concrete is then removed to expose the natural stones and other materials in the concrete.

Leaving a stunning, elegant modern external floor finish that is exclusive to your home or commercial space.

Looking for a durable surface that is timeless in its stylish look and performance? Then think Exposed Aggregate as your decorative concrete finish for your next project, be it outdoor or commercial.

Exposed Aggregate is favoured by many renovators or homeowners due to many factors, including its adaptability and enticing appeal when compared to normal concrete. Its distinctive textured designs give your home or commercial space’s outdoor areas a classy, sophisticated mood that continuously impresses.

Truly unique as a one-of-a-kind finish, it’s the reason why our Exposed Aggregate is featured in many exquisite, award winning Perth homes.

Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Choosing an Exposed Aggregate mix doesn’t just get you a great looking floor, it comes with practical benefits that will save you money and time in the years to come.

Exposed Swatches

Where is Exposed Aggregate Suitable?

Versatile in its ability to bring many types of patterns and designs to your space, our extensive range of Exposed Aggregate colours and mixes achieve a finish to your concrete surface that is totally unique. Making it the perfect solution for any outdoor project for your home or commercial space.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways
Add an exquisite finish to your concrete driveway that is guaranteed to leave visitors stunned. Its tough surface gives it a long-standing performance against pressures and elements. Leaving you with better peace of mind with your home.
Public Spaces
Exposed Aggregate’s natural durability and unique finish make it the perfect investment for commercial areas. The ability to complement any space allows Exposed Aggregate to create a distinctive, captivating atmosphere that invites and impresses by-standers.
Entertaining Areas
Exposed Aggregate brings a truly magnificent touch of style and elegance into an entertainment area when compared to normal class concrete. Its unique patterns and designs evoke a sophisticated and refined environment that keeps your guests relaxed and fascinated.
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Why Choose Limecrete

Trusted and Locally Owned Family Business

Established here in Perth, we are 100% locally owned business that support our local tradesman by supplying them with our superior decorative concrete mixes. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of Perth allow us to provide expert advice on choosing your decorative concrete mix.

Decorative Concrete Experts

Every member of our experienced team here at Limecrete are certified experts in delivering professional advice and customer service to help you complete your project in a timely and satisfied manner.

Our years of experience makes us highly knowledgeable decorative concrete specialists. Allowing us to provide flexible tailored recommendations on your decorative concrete mix throughout the entire process. 

Together with our technology and expertise, we have mastered the art of creating the perfect decorative concrete mix. So, it’s no surprise that we can give you an exceptional, enduring decorative concrete that is flawless in its appeal.

Comprehensive Customer Service

We’re committed in giving all our customers and clients our 100% effort, so you get an unbeatable customer service that can’t be found anywhere else. Our team are experienced in offering specialised advice on any decorative concrete enquires to help you make a confident decision.

Our process and management of your decorative concrete mix allows it to perform and look with absolute consistency.

And if you have any further questions about your decorative concrete mix, we make ourselves available after-hours for you to contact.

Specialised Batching Technology

We use a unique batching system and measurement technology to create consistent, high-quality mixes that performs flawlessly. So, you know you will always get a quality product that is reliable and strong in its design.