Polished Concrete

Limecrete is Perth’s premier concrete supplier specialising in the creation of Decorative Concrete.

Why choose Limecrete for your Polished Concrete mix?

The decorative concrete most recognized for it’s ‘mirror-like’ appeal, Polished Concrete is versatile, enduring and elegant in bringing style and flair to any residential or commercial project.

Made from a mixture of cement and coloured aggregate stones, a Polished Concrete application is achieved from an extensive grind and polish process. Leaving its distinctive glossiness and smoothness that radiates luxury and class.

At Limecrete, we have sourced our concrete mixes and aggregates from established suppliers throughout Australia that guarantee us quality materials that allow us to create concrete products of distinctive value.

With the right materials and our advanced Axibatch plant technology, we can supply top quality polished concrete mixes that deliver stunning results for your project.

What makes Polished Concrete so popular?

As experts in creating decorative concrete mixes, our skills and knowledge has allowed us to refine the process of producing Polished Concrete solutions that deliver beautiful and consistent results for your projects.

Polished Swatches

Why choose Limecrete?

Combined with our expertise, knowledge and the latest technology, we have refined our capability in producing the highest of quality in decorative concrete.

Small Batch Plant

Our AxiBatch Plant is an Australian designed computerised batching system that enables us to create concrete batches faster and more accurately.  Integrating easily with the new 100T split cement silo, Limecrete will have the ability to provide highly robust products with a wider customisable range.

Sensocrete Technology

As the only concrete manufacturing plant in Australia to house this unique Canadian technology in our agitator trucks, we can monitor closely the performance of concrete from batch plant to site. Sensocrete is a highly accurate sensitivity measurement device that is located inside a concrete bowl that records the temperature, slump, volume and mixing efficiency. Enabling the driver to accurately mix concrete batches, resulting in a consistent, higher quality production of decorative concrete.

Concrete Mix Delivery

With our specialised trucks, we keep your decorative concrete mix at the right consistency, temperature and volume when we deliver from base to you. So, you get a perfectly manufactured decorative concrete mix that is ready to be used.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

Every team member here at Limecrete are trained experts in delivering professional advice and service to help you complete your project in a timely and satisfied manner. Our vision to provide consistency and value everything we do means that we are confident that you will always receive 100% effort from us.

One of a kind Mixes (partnered with suppliers of high-quality rare aggregates)

Limecrete always ensures that we choose nothing but the best. Our sourcing of high-quality components to make exceptional concrete products comes from our strategic partnerships that ensures you always get a decorative concrete mix unique to you.

Advantages to Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete has risen in popularity as a viable decorative concrete option for many builders – as they offer not only as a visually stunning option but offer an impressive list of practical advantages.

Areas you would use Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete has stapled itself as being the most versatile decorative concrete that can be applied to any residential, commercial and industrial setting. Bringing a fresh shine and timeless finish to your home/space that will impress visitors endlessly.

Internal Flooring
A highly popular option for builders and renovators that want to create a staggering appeal to a home. Its reflective qualities and customisable design bring a sophisticated and modern atmosphere that is appeasing to the eyes.
Office Flooring
Bringing a stylish and alluring charm, Polished Concrete that is used in an office evokes a professional, expensive and modern appeal. Giving the opportunity to visually impress clients and guests continuously. Its easy maintenance for cleaning also indicates lowered costs and collection of allergens that reduces chances of illness in the workplace.
In a place with high traffic, constant spillage and prone to scratches, Polished Concrete smooth surface makes it hard to damage and easy to clean with minimal hassle. An ideal cost-effective option for any business that wants a long-lasting floor that will constantly impress.
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